Crypticus Paradoxus was born in somewhere in Africa, sometime after the fake performances of independence. He lives and works in Nairobi, Bamako, Johannesburg, Dakar, Cairo, Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris and Georgia. He studied art history, new-media & political sciences in Timbuktu, Havanna and New York. In new york he stayed in a mental assylum for the duration of his studies. He worked as a story-teller in Timbuktu from 1998 to 2000. He has not received any awards and his works are not to be found in any private or public collections. Crypticus, as he is commonly known among the artists community in Nairobi, started as a wood carver, painter/printmaker but later, due to a lacking, he began making projects, moving from individual to collective agency, lending his voice from his aesthetics and literature backgrounds to political and human affairs. He is currently working on to peel out the layers of contemporary packaging, unravelling the deceptions that are used by individuals and institutions to maintain a particular hegemonic chauvinism that has dehumanized mankind brought the world to its knees.



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  1. Torunn Liven · · Reply

    hi Crypticus,
    I am a Norwegian art historian and a critic planning to write an article for a main Scandinavian arts publication on the Kenyan contemporary art scene which was not present at the last biennale, which you so brilliantly describe here. Would you be able to suggest a few key participants to address and if there would be any key organization or galleries that could help me in getting a better overview? I am planning a trip to Nairobi around end February. Having been brought up in Kenya and around the world, I have a keen interest in trying to bridge large gaps in our competence on what goes on south of Sahara. pls let me know also if you are currently situated in Nairobi. Many thanks for any help! Kind regards, Torunn

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