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The Kenyan pavilion at the 55 Venice biennial: What Next After the Disaster?

Almost two months after the 55th Venice biennial opened, the magnitude of Kenya’s catastrophic showing and gross misrepresentation in the most prestigious meeting place in the art world is still an emotional subject. Every two years, this historic fixture is set up, like a dining table to the world. As an artist, showing your work […]

The Scars of Dissipation: Memory, Catharsis and the search for Aesthetic

“…Tell me where the light comes from,” says the man to the boy, referring to the candle. The boy blows out the candle, and in the darkness, says to the man, if you tell me where the light went, then I‘ll tell you where it comes from…” Sufi Parable On 29th December 2007, Kenya was finally […]

Cryptic Paradoxes: A theatre of Cruelty

Welcome to Cryptic Paradoxes. Nairobi continues to be an absurd cultural laboratorium. In the last ten years or so, a lot has happened, and lot is still happening. New waves of artists, cultural producers & other players in the brutal cultural food-chain of East Africa are struggling to chart a way forward & articulate their […]